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Web Design Planning



Below is a general outline of planning steps to get your website started. A more detailed questionnaire, designed to enhance communications with clients, is available upon request. I recommend that you print this questionnaire and have it on hand when we discuss your project.




Your Organization Name:


1. Purpose


What is the purpose of your website? Who is your target audience?



2. Site Organization


Please select the pages you desire (feel free to add or subtract from the list below).


About Us

Contact Us




Order Form



3. Site and Domain Names


What is your site name? Do you have a domain name?



4. Website Identity Graphics


Do you have a logo or other graphic that reflects your website/business image?



5. Visual Design (Color and Accents)


Color says a lot about your website. Do you have a certain color theme?  What type of look do you want? (complex, simple, modern, flashy, high-tech , etc.)



6. Other Websites


What are some websites that you would like to use for inspiration for your own website?



7. Navigation System


Do you know what type of navigation system that you would like to use?



8. Basic Page Elements


Do you have any special requests for the design of your website? Special layout? Special fonts?



9. Text/Content


Do you have text written for your web site, or at least a basic idea of what you will say on the various pages?



10. Photos, Graphics, Animations, Sound, and Video


Do you have the photos, graphics, animations, etc that are needed for your website? Will you need any graphics specially created for your website?



11. Response Forms


Do you need any pages on your website that collect information from your visitors and then automatically forward the information to you in email? What is the purpose of your response form?



12. Shopping Cart?


Do you want to sell products online with an automated "shopping cart"? Or will a simple "fill in the blanks" form work just as well? About how many individual products do you want to sell on your website?



13. Flash?


Do you want a Flash website? Do you want flash elements added to the website?



14. Web Hosting Service


Do you already have a web hosting service? If not, please let us recommend a web host service for you.



15. Registering and Advertising Your Website


I submit your information to web search engines to "register" your website. Do you want to consider additional advertising for your website?

What is the Target Date for the completion of your website?




I am looking forward to creating your website!




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Design Services


• Leaflets, Postcards and Flyers

• Brochures and Catalogues

• Website Design

• Corporate Identity (Logo Design)

• Advertising

• Exhibition Stands


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